A Healthier You

A Healthier You

Monday, December 8, 2014

What Makes Some Fish Oil Supplements High Quality And Some Not?

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What Makes Some Fish Oil Supplements High Quality And Some Not?

Author: Danielle Bryck

By Danielle Bryck

When I first started looking into dealing with my health problems by using vitamin supplements along with healthy eating habits and regular exercise I started learning that there can be all kinds of crazy stuff in them.

I learnt that vitamins are considered food and as such are regulated by the food industry. This leads to all kinds of loopholes vitamin companies can use so that they can use cheaper products.

Cheaper products can have all kinds of problems and one example is that fish oil supplements can contain mercury. When companies get their oil from large fish it is full of mercury because large fish have a longer live span and so have more time to absorb heavy metals from the water.

When small fish like sardines are used they have not had enough time in the water to absorb much metal.

Companies that are using cheap products are also probably not using any kind of filtration system, as this would cost money. Finding a company that filters their fish oil is important to remove as many of the contaminants as they can.

It is also important that the fish oil supplements be balanced using proper levels of omega-3s, and vitamin D so that the body can absorb it. This takes scientist that know what they are doing because if it is not done properly then your body can't use what you are putting in it and the whole thing becomes pointless.

Omega-3 is one of the most important supplements to take because, as it turns out, most of us are deficient regardless of how healthy we eat. Omega-3 can be found in its most concentrated form in fish oil. It can also be found flax and other seeds but you would have to take a lot to get enough out of it.

Omega-3 can help with cognitive health and brain function, and cardiovascular health. It can also help keep your skin looking and feeling great.

Of course fish oil is not the only supplement that has this problem. All vitamins do. For example if calcium is derived from oyster shells it to will be full of mercury and the list goes on. 

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About the Author

My name is Danielle Bryck and I am sharing this information in hopes that it can help others. The right answers can be hard to find sometimes but when you find them your life can change. I have struggles with illness in my life and have found that the right health products can make a big difference. My goal is to help others get the information they need to have healthy happy lives

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